(1) Where a subsequent agreement containing an article on non-discrimination under the International Tax Agreements Act 1953 in the area of application of tax legislation managed by the Australian Tax Office includes an article on non-discrimination, the parties to this appendix are found to treat the same treatment as that provided by the article without discrimination; The Belgian Protocol (No. 1) refers to the protocol that was implemented in Canberra on 20 March 1984 amending the Belgian agreement. 1. This section applies to any relevant portion of a taxpayer`s income in the year of income consisting of income for which a provision of an agreement limits the amount of Australian tax payable. The Aruban Agreement refers to the agreement between the Government of Australia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands regarding the granting of tax duties to certain personal income and the establishment of a mutual agreement procedure on transfer pricing adjustments concluded in Canberra on 16 December 2009. The Malaysian Protocol (No. 3) refers to the protocol amending the Malaysian Convention (in the protocol amended by the protocol (No. 1) and the Malaysian Protocol (No. 2) which was concluded in Canberra on 24 February 2010.c) the revenues that can be taxed in Australia under Articles 6 to 8 and 10 to 16 of the Convention; (b) under the agreement, revenues are processed in accordance with article (in this subsection, referred to as „corporate profits“) of the agreement on the taxation of income of a business in a contracting state in which the business operates in another contracting state through a stable establishment located in another contracting state; (3) Where an amount of the tax credit is to be considered the foreseeable income of a subject pursuant to section 10, paragraph 7 of the Danish Convention: (a) an agreement provides for income, profits or profits resulting from the disposal or sale of comparable shares or holdings in companies or holdings in other companies of which all or part of the assets are real estate (in the sense of the agreement) or other land-related holdings; and (a) the licence fee is paid to a person established in a contracting state or territory (excluding Australia) for the purpose of an agreement; and subject to this Act, the provisions of the agreement, to the extent that these provisions relate to the Australian tax, have and, after the agreement on profits for Chinese airlines come into force, the force of the agreement judged with respect to the effects or consequences of the agreement, for which the agreement remains valid.