You may use the software, content and data contained with your Wii U or compatible with your Wii U, including updates or replacements of such software, content or data that we or our authorized vendors provide to you (together the Software) subject to the terms of this section. The software will only be allowed for your personal and non-commercial use on your Wii U and will not be sold. You cannot publish, copy, edit, redevelop, rent, decompilate or break down parts of the software, modify, defeat, manipulate or bypass parts of the software, or any function or protection of your Wii U, unless the law otherwise allows it. The Wii U console and the accessories, software and all the services available via the Wii U (together the Wii U system) are constantly evolving and we can update or modify all or part of your Wii U system without informing you. Such updates or changes may be necessary to allow you to play new Wii U games, use new features, or continue to access Wii U services. Once your Wii U system is updated or modified, the system will be permanently unplayable due to any unauthorized or existing or future changes to your Wii U system hardware or software or the use of an unauthorized device in conjunction with your Wii U system. Content obtained through unauthorized modification of your Wii U system hardware or software will be removed. You agree not to use your Wii U system illegally or to access other systems, devices, accounts or data (including Nintendo) without your (or our) consent. Changes in conditions. We can change the terms of this agreement at any time without notice. A current version of this agreement, including all changes, will be published at your convenience in If you do not accept changes to this agreement, you must terminate your network account and stop using network services. You buy a license and conditions are attached.

Nintendo has lost a lot of money thanks to hackers, and I`m not surprised they`re doing it to fight it. The only people who are angry about it are those who hackers are like everyone would want to wake up to the console already updated and able to play once you want instead of waiting for the update first. Any hacker, or even anyone else angry, just shouldn`t have connected their Wii U to the Internet. If you have problems accepting the license agreement or if you have already accepted and you still receive an error message, you should close your game. Once closed, restart it again, but this time don`t touch the controls. Play the intro and Cutscene until you are brought to the cover screen. This agreement exists between you and Nintendo and includes the use of the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo DSi System. Nintendo can also be called „us“ or „us.“ It stinks that it makes the system unusable, but not for its reasons.

Nintendo is the only one that prepares you to use your offline system.