4. We do it – we get paid. If we do this and the seller is cold and rejects an offer that meets all the seller`s stated requirements, no one can force the seller to sell, but we have done our job and the seller can be held responsible for a commission to the listing agent. Seizure by the court system of a mortgage, trust deed or judgment. Enforcement proceedings are governed by Section 105 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. A mortgage is an agreement between two parties: the Mortgagor (owner) and the borrower (lender). (n) A licensee shall not induce any party to breach any agency agreement or intermediation agreement in writing. Since transaction agents don`t have fiduciary responsibility, they can`t always be legally liable if things go wrong. Transaction agents cannot help in price negotiations or serve as a lawyer for buyers or sellers.

Since they cannot act as lawyers, they are not able to help buyers or sellers in any situation. Agent Betty meets a young couple at an open house who want to buy their first home. The couple asked if the broker thought they had enough income to qualify for a loan to purchase the property. The realization that this information is confidential nature broker Betty makes the disclosure of the agency that requires its office policy and state status….