Do not take revenge by breaking the custody order. If you don`t have an educational plan, it can be difficult to force the other parent to show you your child. Unmoiled parents have the same rights vis-à-vis their children, unless there is an educational plan. Without an educational plan, it is unclear when a parent should have custody of the child. If you do not have an educational plan, you can petition for an educational plan. Therefore, it is important that you cooperate closely with a lawyer on duty near you if you have any questions or concerns about custody or visitation. Your lawyer can help you answer your questions and guide and represent you through the custody process. If you violate a court order or agreement (don`t do what it says): if the other parent of your child or children has not followed a custody agreement adopted by the court, you can file an application for non-compliance. Court decisions may be enforceable by the contempt powers of the Tribunal. If a person does not comply with the provisions of a court order, he or she may be prosecuted and punished. If your children`s other parent does not follow the custody plan or violates any of the provisions of the custody order, you can apply for non-compliance and bring them to court and punish them for not following the order. It is important that you keep in mind any specific periods and data that the other parent has violated the order. Any offence may be invoked in the application to demonstrate to the court that the custody order is not being complied with.

You may only want to do this as a last resort, but it can be an effective step if you feel that your ex is denying you your legal rights and you are in a situation where you want to take your child with you. Make sure you have a certified copy of custody orders with you if you ask the police to intervene. Sometimes parents who are going through a divorce or custody dispute can put aside their differences in favor of their children. They can eventually agree on issues without the intervention of a judge and work together to be parents together. Above all, your actions must be done in the best interests of your child. Demonstrate this attitude in court and they will join you positively when you take legal action. With an experienced lawyer by your side, you can resolve your custody issues. Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates for more information and legal assistance. If you violate an order or agreement, first try to settle things with the other person (the law calls it the other party). Going to court can take a lot of time and money. And it`s stressful. Although parents are expected to comply with custody orders, the court does not appreciate that they are forced to look into very small offences that could be dealt with by the parents themselves.

In any case, they should be brought to justice if custody decisions are constantly flouted, but going to court for a very small offence can actually backfire. The other parent must appear in court and explain why they violated the custody orders. If your ex is convicted, she risks fines or penalties, or even a short prison sentence. You can also request coverage of your lawyer`s fees and expenses as a penalty for non-compliance with the custody order. If you opt for this path, follow these tips to testify in court.