For the period during which the university operates in an online work environment, the eligibility conditions for telework are as follows: teleworking is not possible for everyone, given that many employees must be present on campus on a daily basis. Please read UMD`s telework policies and factors and discuss your telework options with your supervisor. The following information provides an overview of telework and the factors to consider before approving a telework agreement. The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide to determine if a position and an employee are good candidates for teleworking. Not all factors apply to every unit or employee. It is up to the unit management to determine which factors are appropriate for their unit. What are the factors to consider when working from home? Telework is a voluntary work agreement between the supervisor and the worker. Telework agreements are not workers` rights or rights. The main criterion for examining a potential telework agreement is an assessment of the obligations to determine the suitability of telework.

A staff member must initiate a proposal for a telework agreement. A supervisor must have a solid and documented basis for approving a staff member`s telework proposal. Telework In general, units whose staff are currently performing productive telework should provide that these employees will continue to telework. We encourage all employees who will continue to work from home to use the telework agreement. This tool clarifies expectations for both superiors and employees. Overall, telecommuting has many advantages. The State of Maryland recognizes these benefits and has streamlined the process for teleworkers and their superiors to encourage greater participation in the state`s telework program. What measures will be taken if telework has been authorized? This Directive does not allow off-site work arrangements for employees who do not reside at an adequate distance from commuting to the campus or other assigned UMB workstation. .

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